How to Conduct Remote Research

Are you a UX researcher who mainly conducts in-person studies and you’re looking for some online alternatives to get you through this unusual period of lockdown and social distancing? Or perhaps you’re someone who is starting their path down UX enlightenment, looking to understand the benefits of remote research? Maybe you stumbled across this page by accident, in which case I argue that your so-called accident is actually fate and you should really consider incorporating UX research to improve your products (if applicable), your services (if applicable), or better yet, your overall life.

Lofty hyperbolic claims aside, UX research is a great way to understand users, their needs, wants, expectations and attitudes; but you probably already knew that. Well did you know that Userlytics recently hosted a webinar titled “How to Conduct Remote Research” where we discussed the advantages, challenges, and best practices for in-person, remote, and unmoderated testing? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t because we’ve summarized said webinar below so that you can walk away with more options to add to your research toolkit.


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