Competitive Advantages

Userlytics prides itself in constantly innovating and improving its platform to offer you the best, most intuitive remote UX testing experience. There are several UX testing platforms on the market, each offering their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Trying to sort between each of these platforms can seem like a daunting task.

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— So how do you decide the best platform for your company’s needs?

Should you base your decision on the range of features and platform capabilities, both quantitative and qualitative?

Or the size and quality of the platform’s respondent panel, including processes to exclude professional testers?

How about the customer service responsiveness, or the flexibility of the platform’s pricing model?

At Userlytics, we know your decision is based on a multitude of factors. That’s why we aim to provide you with advantages across various areas of interest.

Take a look at some examples of key differentiators that make Userlytics one of the most versatile and effective remote UX testing platforms on the market.
Unlimited Seats & Accounts

Unlimited Seats & Accounts

Want to share access to your UX testing platform across your organization? Userlytics is the only UX platform that offers truly unlimited seats and accounts, at no extra charge. Our unlimited seats and accounts allow you to share account access with your team members, and allow each team member to launch multiple concurrent tests.

This means you can have an unlimited amount of tests running simultaneously from multiple users, allowing you to scale the benefits of User Experience and Customer Experience research across the organization, at no extra cost.

While other UX platforms may claim to offer unlimited seats and accounts, additional accounts typically only have access to viewing test results, and do not have the capability to launch studies of their own without paying very high extra fees. Other UX platforms that do allow for multiple accounts with test launching capabilities do not allow concurrent testing among those accounts.


No-Download Web Recorder

For both unmoderated and moderated (Live Conversations) tests, your participants can get started instantly and easily with our no-download web recorder. Unlike some of our competitors, no plugin, app or extension is required to begin using our test web recorder.

The recorder is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge - more browsers than any other UX testing platform!
No-Download Web Recorder

Global Panel of more than 1 Million Participants & External Recruitment

Our global panel of test participants has more than one million recruits, and is growing by the day. The panel includes more international representation and more countries than any of our competitors. For clients targeting a very niche demographic, Userlytics also offers professional recruitment services, making it easy for you to target the right participants for your UX tests.

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Professional Services Team

Professional Services Team

Userlytics also offers an array of professional services like custom test plans, trained test moderators, and professional analysis and reporting from UX experts. Allow our UX professionals to design your test from top to bottom, and just watch as your results roll in.

Or, if you’d rather build out the tests yourself, take advantage of our detailed test reports, built in-house by our team of professionals as they analyze your test results in real time.


Variety of UI Languages

We offer more UI language options than any other leading UX testing provider.
Choose from over 15 languages for your usability test(s).

Our system currently allows you to build out UX tests with the participant recorder UI and landing page translated to any of the following languages:

  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Estonian
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Spanish (Latam)
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

If you need a language not listed here, let us know and we can have it added within a matter of weeks!

Variety of UI Languages
QA Reviews of every Test Result

QA Reviews of every Test Result

Userlytics guarantees that every test result you receive is high quality and authentic. Our team of UX professionals will ensure each of your participants fits your target demographic and is not a professional tester. While competitors may replace one or two of your test results if they are low quality, only Userlytics can guarantee you a QA review of every single result, saving your time and money.


In-Platform Tree Testing and Card Sorting

Userlytics is the only remote UX platform that offers native integrated Tree Testing, a UX tool that allows participants to evaluate the findability of topics within your platform, without needing to exit the platform and utilize a different application and environment. Our platform also offers native integrated Card Sorting, a UX tool for designing the information architecture of a website or platform.

In-Platform Tree Testing and Card Sorting
Integrated Scheduling System

Integrated Scheduling System

With Userlytics, you can schedule unmoderated and unmoderated tests directly from our platform. Your test participants and observers can also add tests to their calendars directly from the platform, making organizing UX tests easier than ever.

Silent Observers

Want to invite team members or stakeholders to view your UX tests? Our platform allows you to invite up to 25 “invisible” observers to tests, so they can watch and gather data without being seen by participants.

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Unlimited Storage of Results and Metrics

Unlimited Storage of Results and Metrics

Many of our competitors offer storage limitations, and require clients to pay more for additional space. With Userlytics, you will never run out of storage for your UX test results and metrics, at no extra cost.

Unlimited Storage of Results and Metrics

Unlimited Concurrent Testing

Our platform has no limitations on how many tests you can have running concurrently, or how many participants can be used per test.

Top Security Systems

Top Security Systems

Userlytics makes your privacy and your participants’ privacy top of mind with our added security features. Userlytics gives users the option of two-factor authentication, as well as SSO, which adds a layer of security to your account associated with your phone number.

Additionally, Userlytics is currently the only remote UX testing platform with an ISO 27001 certification, the international standard on how to manage information security.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to meeting your needs and making remote UX testing simple, effective and scalable, Userlytics delivers. With our growing panel, variety of languages, customized services and advanced UX tools and onboarding methods, we are confident Userlytics’ remote usability testing will surpass your user experience research needs and transform your customer experience for the better!

Concluding Thoughts

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