How to leverage User Experience Analysis Tools in non-UX research departments

Do you want each department in your business to leverage your existing UX tools, and help them add new insights & analysis of customers and users?

Marketing, Product and Development, Design, Customer Service, and many more departments – they all need customer / user insights and analysis. And they use a number of tools and methods to achieve their goals. But are they aware of the possibility of leveraging existing user experience research tools within their organization to efficiently expand insights?

By introducing UX testing and research tools into non UX departments, you can rapidly gain critical insights that expand upon, and discover the “why” of the data you are receiving from existing analytics and market research tools and methodologies. In this webinar, Behavioral Design and UX Consultant Susan Weinschenk will teach you how applicable UX tools can be to non-UX departments, and how they can contribute to your overall business success.


With real examples, learn about the different UX tools on the market, and how to apply them in each of your business departments. We will teach how to begin using these UX tools and provide insight on things to consider before beginning any user experience testing or research. At the end of the webinar, there will be an in-depth Q&A session to answer any remaining questions you may have, and give you the confidence to introduce UX tools into your department.


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