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The Value of a User Experience Platform For Product Managers

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The Value of a User Experience Platform For Product Managers


As industry leaders in user experience research, we are pleased to offer you access to our latest white paper: The Value of a User Experience Platform For Product Managers.

Products aren’t created in a bubble. It takes the right combination of skills and the dedication to connecting with consumers on a deeper level to make a great product for your audience. This white paper will teach you the value of integrating UX into your product management process, and how it can help you implement a design thinking approach to your workflow, a solutions-based, creative process used to address consumer challenges.

This white paper will go through each step of the product management process and explain how a UX platform can make you more efficient, thoughtful and effective through each stage of development. We will show you how a UX research platform can help you understand and connect with your customers on a more authentic level, allowing you to develop more successful products. We can’t wait to show the value a UX research platform can bring to the product management process!

UX for Product Managers


This white paper is for any Product Manager, User Researcher, UX Designer, Marketing or Market Research professional looking to streamline their workflow and continuously refine and redesign their products to meet their customers’ needs. We can show you how to maximize the value of a UX research platform within every step of product development and launch, based on our extensive experience running one of the largest UX testing platforms in the world.


How a UX research platform can help me identify my customer’s needs and develop effective solutions to their problems

How I can use advanced UX tools like Card Sorting, Tree Testing, A/B testing and more to draw key insights about my customer’s mental model and product preferences

How I can use hard data and quantitative metrics provided by remote UX testing, like NPS and SUS, to back up product development decisions


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